Our Work

The Johanneswerk activities cover various fields of work. Assistance is offered to old, ill and dying people as well as to young people and families. Services include help in case of disability, illness or a crisis situation. They are provided in North Rhine-Westphalia or abroad in Europe, in facilities or at home, in schools, in workshops or at very different places.

The assistance provided by the Johanneswerk staff is based on the diaconal mission of charity. The aim is to enable people to participate fully in life again.

With up-to-date, professionally qualified methods and innovative ideas, the Johanneswerk meets the new challenges of the future. It focuses for example on demographic change or on increasing competition and cost pressure – without losing its diaconal identity. In 2001, the Johanneswerk set up the foundation mitLeidenschaft to support innovation and funding of the diaconal mission. 

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