Diaconal Company

The Johanneswerk is not only one of the big diaconal service providers in Europe, but a big company as well.

“A diaconal company”: that is how the Johanneswerk describes and regards itself, based on the belief that the Diakonie can only meet today’s demands if three aspects are taken into account:

  • a high professionalism to offer people the best assistance possible,
  • an economic point of view in order not to waste money but to put it to optimum use and
  • a diaconal perspective to integrate its Christian conception of the world and humanity with its intrinsic values into the day-to-day work.

As a “diaconal company” the Johanneswerk has to generate profits like any other company. But unlike in commercial companies these profits are not taken out of the company and skimmed off by investors, shareholders and private individuals. Instead, the complete profits remain in the Johanneswerk (recognized as a non-profit enterprise), to be reinvested into help for people in need of assistance.

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